Notepainting is the debut album of self-taught pianist and songwriter Elizabeth Wadium. A photographer and cinematographer by trade, she has created promotional media for numerous musicians. Notepainting, with its emphasis on imagery, is the unity between her musical and visual endeavors.


"It’s not at all unusual for budding musicians to tread the DIY highway to get their music released. Local pianist Elizabeth Wadium gives the approach a double-shot of Red Bull."

- Aaron Conklin,



As a kid, I was obsessed with classical music. I devotedly listened to the local classical radio station (my favorite program: "Exploring Music" with Bill McLaughlin) and wore out my tape of Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. At 12, I decided to quit piano lessons and forge ahead alone, learning the skills I use today through writing my own music. Although I’ve pursued a variety of other creative endeavors over the years, I consider the piano to be my first voice!

I draw inspiration from daydreams, small but significant life moments, the natural world, “impressionist” composers such as Debussy and Ravel, and more modern minimalist music.

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